Vocals / Rap / Spoken

We have been a prestigous location for rap- and voice recordings in Berlin for years.

(Gentleman, Westernhagen, KRS One, Morgan Heritage, Masta Ace, Alkaline, Ufo361, Mosh36, Chefket, Cornel Campbel, Capital Bra, Magnis, MO030, Rolf Stahlhofen, Megaloh)

We are also very well experienced in recording studio plays, voice-overs and voice demos, etc. 

(Titania Medien, Bildungsfilm, Volkshochschule Kreuzberg, etc.)

If you want to turn recordings into prepared playbacks, all you have to do is bring the track on USB or CD. We surely have also internet to rip it from youtube.

If the playback is to be used for mix also, you should bring it as a wav-format, too.  


We also offer mixing and mastering - analog and digital and hybrid. Fast and easy or slow and complex - we are wiling to adapt to your workflow. 

A solely for the purpose of mastering reserved studio allows us to keep the entire production from start to finish in the studio. It also ensures close cooperation within the house and to react instantly to possible changes. 

Our team consists of experienced musicians and producers. We can arrange your song ideas and produce them.
We have professional musicians around to record instrumental tracks, background vocals or wind instruments etc. for your project. 

Click around on our homepage, and don't hesitate to contact us by mail.

To get a more detailed impression of the studio you are very welcome to stop by for a non-binding preliminary.