Studio B

This control room, which is said to be the best control room in Berlin, has a sweet spot of multiple square meters.
The big speakers by PMC, as well as the small Amphion One18, provide a perfectly optimised frequency range and constant reverb times over the whole spectrum.

What sounds good here, sounds good everywhere !

The Wunder-Audio 'Wunderbar' console offers 24 channels of Neve 1073 preamps, as well as 3 different busses (Wunder, Neve, API).
To our knowledge, the only Wunder-Audio console in Germany - it sounds amazing and looks great, too !
Recording Room B has true daylight and is big enough to fit a whole band.  

There is also a visual contact and cable connection to the Grand Hall, so that 140 m2 - three recording rooms - can be used all at once.

"Designed and crafted to the standard of excellence by JV Acoustics".

Acoustic Design by JV Acoustics
Air Condition
Soundproof up to 96dB
Wunder Audio Console
PMC Speakers
Trinnov Audio
Total recording space 140m2
many instruments around