Mastering is the final step in an audio production and therefore the last opportunity to alter the project before it gets distributed. 
We edit your mix to make sure that it sounds good on any stereo system and the maximum potential of the mix can be fully utilised. 
On a technical level the tonal difference which is generated through mastering is often described through features such as: more broad, deeper, more powerful, warm, loud and more consistent.
What this means is: Mastering differentiates a studio production from a home-made production. 

To adapt the frequency response we use an analog Neumann Equalizer paired with digital filters. Dynamic processing, overtone generation, stereo width and final limiting is done with the help of Wave and Izotope PlugIns.

We also take care that the single tracks of an album result in a consistent product. We create transitions between the single tracks and make sure that the individual titles merge together perfectly in sound and perceived volume. It is also obvious that we make sure that your project works smoothly on any kind of target medium. (CD, DVD, vinyl, TV, radio, iTunes, smartphone, etc.) 

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